Different Tribes, Steamy Relationships?

Breaking Through the Ethnic Divides within Our Faith

So your last name ends in "berg," "stein" or "feld" and you've come to find love on an online Jewish dating site. Think you've come to the right place? Well, think again. Your profile is being passed over by plenty of eligible Jewish singles each day and here's the kicker. You're probably guilty of doing the same thing, we all are.

How can this be possible, you ask?

Perhaps the easiest way to explain it is like this: While you may be an Ashkenazi who grew up on knishes, other Jews, such as Sephardim, may have been raised eating couscous while Mizrakhim savored falafel. And people's preferences are limited not to just the foods they know but what they are familiar with religiously, culturally and ethnically.

Unsurprisingly, this includes the type of people they choose to date. So it's no phenomenon that when someone spots a profile of a member from a different tribe they are predisposed to click right on by.

Why does this ring true, for you?

Intersect relationships can be as challenging, and in some instances as taboo, as dating outside of the Jewish faith, especially when different traditions, religious customs and even languages come into play. But if you take some time to think about it, mingling between cultures can also lead to steamier relationships.

Don't believe us? Here's what you should consider...

- It's Hot to Be a Rebel: It's no secret that daring to do something different can be liberating and exciting, particularly when it involves your love life. While opposites may clash, we all know they can attract, and breaking through ethnic barriers is often a reason for sparks to fly and passion to be ignited.

- Clandestine Affairs can be Romantic: Unrequited love can wake up the romantic in anyone. So while there is no shame to cross-tribal dating, it's not so bad if you have to hide it, at first. Just think of the anonymous love letters and all those secret rendezvous!

- There's Something Exotic About the Unknown: There's nothing like unusual sounds, foreign flavors and intoxicating conversations to get the juices flowing. Encountering the perspective, mystery and habits of someone from a different background sets the stage for passion, especially when that someone and their perspective are so new and strange to you.

- Imagine those Heated Debates: Conflicting religious beliefs can stir up a lot of conflict but they can also lead to intense discussions, and if you're lucky some very torrid after-play.

Despite all these hot benefits, it's all still click or miss. But maybe next time you are scanning profiles you ought take a little more time to consider who and what opportunities you might be passing by, as intrigue awaits just beyond your usual search.

By Sherri Langburt of SingleEdition.com for JPeopleMeet.com


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